How to uninstall mysqltuner or remove mysqltuner from your server


MySQLTuner is a Perl script written by a chap called Major. What it does is that it helps you  analyzes your MySQL performance  based on the statistics it gathers from your server  and use those information to  give you recommendations  on which variables you should adjust to improve the performance of your database.For you to use the script  you are requires to have root access to your server so you can install and run the script.

I have trawled the internet looking for ways  on how to uninstall mysqltuner or remove mysqltuner completely from your server but there seem to be plenty of information on how to install and not much information on how to really remove mysqlturner script from your server. After a series of trials , I finally found a way to do this , and so I have decided to share the tips here on how to completely  uninstall mysqltuner from your server. Well for those who have accidentally come here looking for ways to install mysqlturner, look at it below followed by how to uninstall it.

How to install MySQLTuner script

You can download the MySQLTuner script as follows:


In order to run it, we must make it executable:

chmod +x

Afterwards, we can run it. You need your MySQL root password for it:

How to uninstall or Remove  MySQLTuner script  from your server

For ubuntu or other dubian distros you can use this

sudo apt-get remove mysqltuner

sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove mysqltuner

This will remove the mysqltuner package and any other dependant packages which are no longer needed.

Purging your config

If you also want to delete your local/config files for mysqltuner then this will work.

 Caution! Purged config/data can not be restored by reinstalling the package.
sudo apt-get purge mysqltuner

Or similarly, like this mysqltuner

sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove mysqltuner

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