Provide the target -parameter for the Cpanel::DiskCheck::_required_params function.


Web Host Manager - Account Restore 2015-09-14 11-11-18How to resolve the problem of Provide the “target” parameter for the “Cpanel::DiskCheck::_required_params” function.  in cpanel

You will normally get this problem when you try to restore a cpanel account that was  remotely transfered from another account.  The error messages  means certain things  are missing in the account transfered, hence the “DiskCheck::_required_params function”. One easy way to resolve this is to just  backup the account to your home folder (not remotely) ,download  it to your computer , and then  transfer it via “upload” button in the cpanel account from files manager  to the new server. Next , ssh  to the server and transfer to just uploaded file to the server home directory (/home)  and then restore  the  account from the backup option inside WHM. That will do the trick


Solved —Provide the “target” parameter for the “Cpanel::DiskCheck::_required_params” function.


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