SOLVED-How to restore cpanel backups from Amazon S3


Do you know you can restore  cpanel backups from Amazon S3 .At the time of writing this article  there is no quick fix on how to , with a sinlge click restore your backup from Amazon s3. This tutorial is just a quick  one to help you  restore  cpanel  backups stored in Amazon s3

Amazon s3 is the best thing that has happened to cpanel users. You can  backup all your cpanels directly from the WHM  easily and cheaply to amazon s3. Infact I only pay less than 10 dollars/month  for  2 dedicated servers with over 150 cpanels accounts  when combined togather.Whilst you can easily setup backup easily from WHM to amazon s3, it can be somehow hard for some folks to restore their backup back. relax and this is how I personally  restore  cpanel backups from Amazon S3.


Step 1

Navigate to the folder in s3  where the account is stored it  and tick the account you want to on the “Action” button located in the menu and click on  “make Public”.Basically what you have done is to allow the account)backup to be accessible using the wget utility in linux

Step 2

whilst still in that page, and the account ticked, click on “Properties” located  in  the right hand side of the Amazon s3 dashboad and you will see a pages with the url of the account without a “padlock ” symbol on it. If you see a “padlock” symbol it means that the backup is still private and cannot be accessible by wget.  Head back to step 1 and rectify this.


Step 3

Right click on the link or url and copy the link


Step 4

Log into your server using ssh

ssh root@SERVER ip  -p PORT NUMBER

replace SERVER ip with your server  and PORT Number with your server ssh port number. If you are using the defafault port number which i think you should’nt be using then use the command below

ssh root@SERVER ip

after you have logged in type the command

cd /home


So you will have something like




Log into your WHM and head to  backups—–Restore a Full Backup/cpmove File and select the account you want to restore and click on restore. That is it


Restore via ssh

instead of logging into your WHM to restore you can just restore from ssh

Click here to restore the backup via ssh

solved How to restore cpanel backups from Amazon S3


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