How to solve the problem of DNS_PROBE_ FINISHED_N O_INTERNET.One day i noticed that I could not browse the internet. None of the three browsers I have could connect to the internet. I spent hours researching for the solution and I finally did something that eventually resolved it. Follow the steps below to resolve the problem of DNS_PROBE_ FINISHED_N O_INTERNET. It worked for me and i think it will work in all scenario

a) Firstly, open Command Prompt like this
 --Start--All Programs---Accessories---Command Prompt
b) Type
netsh winsock reset 
in the command prompt then press enter

c) You will get a result within 5 secs. if you running Windows XP and other Windows, it may take a up to 30sec

d) Shortly you will get the message

     Sucessfully reset the Winsock Catalog.You must restart the
computer in order to complete the reset

e)Close the Command Prompt  and restart your computer

f)After your computer start again, open a browser, it may take more time to acess the internet than normal,but next time it will be normal. If you still cannot connect to the inetrnet and get a message saying proxy is blocking connections then head to this page for FIREFOX users



and click on 

Auto-detect proxy settings.

That is is

congratulations you have Solved-DNS_PROBE_ FINISHED_N O_INTERNET.


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